Towing & GCM Upgrades throughout Adelaide

Towing Upgrades in Adelaide

Towing Upgrades increase the legal towing capacities of vehicles. We supply and fit the Lovells Springs range of Federal Government approved upgrades, as well as a couple of solutions developed internally with the help of Motiv Engineering. Upgrades are currently available for the following vehicles:

  • Land Cruiser 200 – Capacity increase to 4000kg, and GCM to 7800Kg.
  • Prado 150 – Increase towing to 3100Kg, and GCM to 6600Kg.
  • Pajero – Increase maximum ball weight from 180Kg to 300Kg.

All towing upgrades include heavy duty suspension upgrades to increase rear axle carrying capacity.



Lovells Adelaide are an agent for Clearview Accessories and supply and fit their excellent